Fit Guide

​Perfect Fit Every time 

Our descriptions give accurate measurement of the garments on sale. The key to a great fit is to know your measurements and how you like your jeans to fit, this ensures you get the fit you are after when buying online.

Most often Jeans are sized with 2 numbers Eg. 32/30   -The first Number refers to the waist and the second to the inside leg measurement. Differences occur in all designs and from brand to brand so its always best to check first, if you have a favourite pair, measure them first and compare to those in your cart. Once you have these measurements shopping online is easy.... 



This is the jeans size most commonly referred to - either in size or Waist in Inches- This refers to your actual waist and is not the actual measurement of the waistband as this doesn't always sit at the waist and depends on the rise of the jeans, Conversion see chart below-

Inside Leg ( Innerseam ) 

Take notice of this one, especially if you have shorter or longer legs, most jeans can be turned up or re- hemmed, but for off the shelf perfect fit get your inside leg right.  


Crutch to Waist ( Rise )

Hipsters or High Waist? It's all about this measurement. Basically the join or seam in crutch to top of waist- If you know where you like your jeans to sit this measurement will help find your perfect pair.

Stretch ( Material Content)

How much stretch do you like? or maybe you like 100% cotton no stretch denim, which is the most hardwearing. Some denim can blend up to 4% lycra/elastane. With 1 or 2% being most common. The addition of Polyester also will give the jeans more stretch.  The more stretch the softer they are but they also won't last as long due to the nature of the material blend and should be cared for more delicately. If it has stretch it should be worn fitted. 


International Sizing