About Us


Jean Pool offers discount designer denim products with environmental and social values


Jean Pool is a Western Australian, Perth Based Family business. Mother and Daughter ran by Wendy Bateson and her daughter Molly. An idea born out of a passion for fashion and the desire to make a difference.

Jean Pool is helping save our planet one pair of jeans at a time. In An Australian first offering Sustainable Circular or Re-Commerce denim garments to the mainstream shopping buyer, both online and our beautiful Perth City Store. We offer sustainably and ethically sourced, brand new, recycled, vintage and custom up-cycled, discounted designer denim. Customers can expect to save 30-80% off the RRP, so during economic tightening this initiative helps families in the struggle with budgets and the rising cost of living - we all need to save a few dollars where we can. The plus side is the environment is better for it as well. At Jean Pool we are eagerly working toward a zero waste status where unbearable garments are up cycled into something new- bags, cushions and the like. An in store trade in program also offers buyers a chance to save even further on their purchases and prevent more fashion waste - the customer becomes the supplier for a truly circular and sustainable business model. Jean Pool is a small business passionate about making a difference to the world we live in.

The production of just one pair of ‘New’ jeans uses a massive 10,000L of water from Cotton Growing to Production & Dying. So for every 1000 pairs of jeans we sell we are saving 10 million Litres of water - that's 4 Olympic Sized Swimming Pools - FULL!

At Jean Pool they believe there is enough jeans in the world and with 2500 pairs in stock at any one time- every cut and every wash, their customers are sure to find a perfect fit. An in store expert fitting service guarantees a personalised customer experience. Jean Pool are also offering a custom service offering embroidery/decoration on your denim for a bespoke look, in turn their new jeans or jacket will be loved and worn, not hidden at the back of the cupboard or even worse⋯... ending as landfill. Circularity is key, as we all know denim just gets better with age- so it just makes sense tp continue its life cycle for as long as possible. Jean Pool is passionate about saving the planet from more fashion waste. Fashion being the second biggest polluter after the oil and gas sector. Responsible for 1.2 Billion tonnes of Greenhouse gas emissions annually, Jean Pool believe believe their customers should be, buying less and choosing well, they offer only well made Designer garments, any fast fashion is used in their upcycle program or donated to charity. An In store repair station also offers parts and notions to ensure your new jeans live their best life!

Jean Pool Has saved over 40 Million Litres of water in just a few short years..... and they are on a mission to save even more! Denim is an extremely environmentally impactful material- water usage during cotton growing then the use of harsh chemicals and massive amounts of water during production dying and finishing make them an easy target to work with to apply circularity and re- commerce principles. At Jean Pool they don't buy from Inventory rather they are solving the 'fashion waste' problem. Sourcing dead stock, end of season, salesmen's samples and the like. We also encourage less consumption with their customers, offering value for money pricing everyday rather than going on sale where the consumer may purchase excess of what they actually need and will use thus creating more waste. Even the stunning store fit out at Jean Pool is sustainable, basically old discarded 'Dumpster Dive' fittings no longer wanted that were up cycled into the beautiful store it is today, change room curtains made from unwearable old denim jeans..... At Jean Pool they don't just sell sustainable jeans, they walk the walk.