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"Saving our Planet one pair of Jeans at a time"


We are circular fashion. The ultimate Sustainable choice. We are driven to help solve the vast fashion waste problem. Helping save our planet one pair of jeans at a time!


We offer genuine designer articles. We trade in secondary market goods, meaning most of our stock are one offs

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We are a Perth Based Family business. Your enquiries will be answered by a 'real' human- nothing is too much trouble were here to help! So please ask....

Water is Precious

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Choosing to buy just one pair or Recycled Jeans instead of buying new (inventory stock) saves over 10,000 litres of water per pair - Yes its true!  Saving our precious H2o in Cotton Growing, Manufacturing. Dying and Finishing… plus add to this, washing/caring for your jeans they are certainly thirsty garments.

Water is our most precious Resource we must treasure it! 

Help us save water Save Water

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The most sustainable and Earth friendly fashion is recycled fashion. At Jean Pool we are exactly that, we are circular fashion, we don't buy from Inventories, we source deadstock and secondary market denim that's no longer wanted, preventing it from becoming landfill and fashion waste. We 'save' the world's best denim, cleaning, repairing and sometimes up-cycling or re working. Offering only quality designer brands made to last. We meticulously check and rate every piece. Shop with confidence using our condition guides to help understand our 1,2 or 3 'Flamingo' ratings. 

Worn in not worn out.....We all know denim just gets better with age! 

NWT- Levis Type 1 Dancing Queen Trucker Jean Jacket - Size L - Jean Pool
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We feel great that all our stock is sourced sustainably- not bought from wholesale inventories which contributes to the vast fashion waste problem. We are circular fashion and we deal in secondary market goods. Our stock is often brand new or worn in but never worn out. We repair and Upcycle items on as as required basis- and we always mention this is our descriptions. Our Stock is always varied and different from the stores, you never know what may be waiting for you, you just might find that favourite pair you've been searching for, for years in our unique range of Vintage Denim from the 70's - 80's - 90’s - Y2K.

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Jean Pool Business Awards

AIM Pinnacle Awards West Australia Finalist 2023
Stevie Award Winner 2023
National Retail Awards Finalist 2023

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We're based in Perth, Western Australia

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