About Us

Jean Pool offers discount designer denim products with environmental and social values

We’re not fast fashion but sustainable and environmentally friendly sourcing and recycling denim that’s worn in, not worn out. We are circular fashion catering to our denim lovers with a conscience. After studying the environmental impact of current day fashion, the idea of Jean Pool was born

We all own denim and for some it’s a wardrobe staple. With age denim will develop its own unique character. Which as well as helping our environment, makes Buying Recycled or Vintage garment even more desirable. By purchasing with Jean Pool our clients can help reduce Australia’s fashion Landfill, in today’s throw away consumer society we don’t often stop to think about the real cost of a purchase, other than parting with out hard earned cash.  

Well some facts we just have to share.  12 Tonnes of Textile waste produces 14,000 KGS of Co2 emissions ….. that’s just above the same amount of emissions produced taking 11 round trips from Perth to Sydney to Brisbane ……..Every hour of every day…. Yes , really! The good news is customers can also do their part by participating in our regular denim trader days. Trading in your old denim at Jean Pool and choosing a replacement from our great range of Ladies, Men’s and Children’s denim.  Remembering all our stock is sourced sustainably- not bought from wholesale inventories - we deal in secondary market goods.We are circular fashion